Who Stays In Serviced Accommodation In Cambridgeshire?

Who Stays In Serviced Accommodation In Cambridgeshire?

If you’re new to the world of serviced accommodation in Cambridgeshire, you may be wondering who stays in serviced accommodation and how it all works. If you can’t stand the unreliability of AirBnB or the stuffiness and lack of space to hotels – then serviced accommodation could be the perfect solution.

There is no real ‘type’ of person that stays in serviced accommodation when staying in Peterborough. Instead, there are lots of different people that use serviced accommodation for various reasons.

Corporate Stays in Peterborough

For corporate travellers serviced accommodation is ideal. It gives guests the extra space they need to relax or work. The benefit for longer corporate stays is that they also have the chance to wash and dry their clothes, eat out locally or prepare a quick meal in their kitchen. Serviced accommodation is literally a home from home, with everything the corporate guest needs.

Short Business Trips in Peterborough

If you’re popping to the city for some work meetings, maybe first thing in the morning and later in the day – you can use our accommodation in between. Unlike a hotel room with strict check-in and check-out times, we can work it around you. You’ve got the flexibility to pop in and out as you please. You also have the room to meet with colleagues in the serviced accommodation. This has a much nicer feel that meeting in a hotel room.

Construction Projects in Peterborough

If you’re working on a local construction project and need to source accommodation for your workers, our serviced accommodation is the perfect solution. Unlike a hotel where you need to book multiple rooms and the price goes up with every room, you just need to book one serviced accommodation with us. You’ll even save money when compared to a hotel room as it’s one cost for the accommodation, as opposed to a charge per room.

Relocation in Peterborough

Whether you are moving to Peterborough for work or moving out of the area – we can help. Our serviced accommodation can look after you for that limbo time when you’re waiting for your home to sell or trying to find your next home. You can bring your home comforts with you and take your time to get the right future home sorted. You’ve got the kitchen and lounge area too, along with the bedrooms. It’s a little home from home experience when you’re in-between homes.

Family Holidays in Peterborough

Families chose to stay in our serviced accommodation in Cambridgeshire due to the space and flexibility available. The other benefit is rooms. Unlike a hotel where families are split across rooms, you’re all in the same place. You can stick to your own schedules and even prepare your favourite family meals in the kitchen before a movie night in the lounge. Dirty clothes aren’t an issue either because they can all be washed and dried in the kitchen.

City Breaks in Peterborough

Cambridgeshire has so much going on. With fabulous days out, amazing history, fun things to do, theatres and delicious restaurants – one day often isn’t long enough. Why not book our serviced accommodation in Cambridgeshire for a long or short city break in Peterborough? We can share some ideas of things to do and places you have to visit, based on what you like.

Whatever the reason you need to stay away from home, we can offer you the luxury accommodation in Peterborough that you need. Book your next stay in Peterborough with us now.

September 15, 2020 9:30 am

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