The Benefits Of Serviced Accommodation For The NHS

The Benefits Of Serviced Accommodation For The NHS

The Benefits Of Serviced Accommodation For The NHS

With NHS workers working harder than possibly they ever have done before, and with a huge health risk out there, NHS workers want to protect their families and this can often mean not going home. This is why we would like to talk about the benefits of serviced accommodation for the NHS. We know how expensive hotel rooms can be and want to not only offer a more cost-effective option, but also a nicer option. We all know that our amazing NHS heroes deserve it!

So, these are the benefits of serviced accommodation for the NHS.


Unlike a hotel room, serviced accommodation offers 30% more living space to NHS workers. There is space to sleep peacefully, cook and relax.  There is a kitchen and dining area to cook your own food or enjoy local delivery food. You can then relax on the sofa watching your favourite TV shows or just reading a book.


NHS staff members don’t work normal hours. Our heroes work throughout the day and night. With multiple bedrooms NHS staff members can sleep at times that suit them and their shifts. They can also cook and eat when they want to, not when the hotel restaurant allows them too. The separate bathrooms mean there is no queue for a shower if multiple NHS occupants are working the same shifts.

Clothes Washing

When you work for the NHS at times like this; clothes washing is essential and can feel continuous. Our serviced accommodation in Peterborough has a washing machine and dryer so you can wash and dry your clothes with ease, and quickly.

Additional Features

Our serviced accommodation is easy to find. Whether you need a supermarket delivery, a taxi to work or some fast food delivered, you will be found with ease. If you need additional items for your arrival, such as extra towels or bedding, then you just have to ask and we will have them ready for you.

To say thank-you to all the amazing NHS heroes out there, we would also like to offer a discount on our rooms during this time. It’s our way of saying thank-you so much for all you are doing.

May 1, 2020 9:30 am

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