Reasons Serviced Accommodation Is Perfect For Family Trips To Peterborough

Reasons Serviced Accommodation Is Perfect For Family Trips To Peterborough

Taking a city break as a family is something that some parents overlook, but why? There is so much to see, do and learn in a city. The UK cities have so much history, culture and beauty available to see. Holidaying in the UK allows you to invite the whole family, siblings, parents and cousins too.

But then there is the nightmare of booking accommodation for you all.

Hotels can be really expensive and really tricky to book too. If you have teenage children they are sometimes classed as adults and can’t share your room, but you also feel they are too young to have their own hotel room? Then what about somewhere to relax? When the kids are tucked in bed you don’t all want to squeeze into another room, or go down to the bar where you’re not near them.

So why not consider Letto serviced accommodation in Peterborough?

In this blog post we put together just some of the reasons that serviced accommodation is perfect for family trips to Peterborough.

Lots of Space

It’s like a whole big house to you and your family. Your children and their cousin can share a room too, making it a really exciting holiday for them. You will also have your own kitchen and dining area so you don’t need to eat out as often, but if you want to get a take-away that’s fine too. There are chill out rooms too, where you can catch up after a long day or plan the exciting day of activities ahead.

Home Cooked Food

If you have fussy eaters, want to save money or plan to eat earlier than restaurants are open – serviced accommodation in Peterborough is ideal for your family. You have the kitchen with all the standard utensils available for you. Whether you choose to prepare meals before your city break in Peterborough and just heat them up, or you want to whip up a storm in the kitchen – you will have everything you need in the kitchen.

Cost Per Accommodation

Unlike hotel rooms which charge per room, we charge per accommodation. This means you can actually save money in a large serviced accommodation in Peterborough. You will have more rooms, more space, more flexibility and more money saved to spend on activities and days out in Peterborough and surrounding areas.

Family Routine

If you have a family routine you stick to, this can be tricky in a hotel. However our family serviced accommodation in Peterborough allows you to meet any routines. Whether it’s a 5pm dinner time before bed, or an early breakfast of homemade pancakes at 6am – this routine can be stuck to. We help you find familiarity for your children, in an unfamiliar place.

If you need help planning a family city break to Peterborough, drop us a line. We can get the accommodation booked and recommend some great family activities in Peterborough that you’ll love too!

June 15, 2020 9:30 am

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