Hotel Room Vs Serviced Accommodation For Businesses

Hotel Room Vs Serviced Accommodation For Businesses

Serviced accommodation for businesses is rapidly growing in popularity, but why? What is so great about serviced accommodation in Peterborough for businesses, opposed to hotel rooms? That is exactly what we would like to look at. In this blog post we compare hotel rooms to serviced accommodation in Peterborough to understand why serviced accommodation is so popular for businesses.

Cost Effective

When you stay in a hotel there is a set price for the night and this stays the same throughout the duration of your stay. Meanwhile, serviced accommodation is more flexible on the price. You will often find that discounts can be offered on longer stays. The other benefit of serviced accommodation for businesses when it comes to cost, is food. Our serviced accommodation comes with a fully working kitchen. This means your employees don’t need to eat hotel food every day, instead they can get a take away or cook for themselves. Even having a drink before bed in the evening is cheaper (and more enjoyable) in the serviced accommodation as opposed to the hotel bar.


When employees have had a long day of meetings they may want to spend time replying to emails, typing up meeting notes and similar. This isn’t ideal from the hotel bed and you don’t have the privacy needed in the hotel bar. Our serviced accommodation in Peterborough gives you the space you need. In fact the communal areas are big enough to have meetings or catch up with colleagues after work.


We have already mentioned that you eat when and where you chose, but you also have the option to come and go as you please. Maybe you have early morning meetings and want to relax in the accommodation in the afternoon? You can do that in serviced accommodation. You tell us when you’re home and we can arrange the cleaners around you.

Home from Home

If you are staying away for a long period of time you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room, you want to feel like you are home. Here at Letto Serviced Accommodation this is exactly what we pride ourselves on – a home from home experience. You’ve got separate bedrooms and bathrooms for colleagues, then communal eating and relaxing areas too.

The needs of business travellers have changed over the years. Our serviced accommodation in Peterborough offers your business travellers the space, amenities and features they need. All at a low price too.

May 15, 2020 9:30 am

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