Battle of Accommodations: Why Self Catering Apartments in Peterborough (UK) are a Better Choice Than Hotels

When planning vacations or staycations in or near Peterborough (UK), finding the right accommodation is of key importance. Think of friendly staff, relaxing spas, fine dining, and luxury beds, and the first thing that comes to many people’s minds are five-star hotels.

Hotels have, over the years, been the most idealistic and luxurious option as far as holidays go. However, more and more people are warming up to the idea of self-catering accommodation. Businesses like Airbnb have changed the dynamics surrounding vacation accommodation as they offer lower prices and a variety of apartments to choose from, from all over the world.

Enter self-catering apartments in Peterborough (UK) – this concept was geared towards frequent travellers of Peterborough but has now caught on and is largely preferred by holidaymakers too. According to the Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report, there is a worldwide growth of self-catering apartments by 14% since the year 2018. With this in mind, one can’t help but wonder, what are self-catering apartments, and why are they growing at such a rapid rate?

What are Self-catering Apartments (Peterborough)?

Essentially, serviced apartments are accommodations that are rented by people on holiday. They usually have one or many bedrooms and also come with little luxuries found in all hotels. For example. Room cleaning. Fresh linen and toiletries.

You will check-in as you would a hotel and you also get staff on standby round the clock. One of the major benefits of self-catering apartments is the flexibility they offer travelers. Travelers can soak up all authenticity a region has to offer without limitations. The hosts of the apartments can also act as guides and offer tips to tourists on the best attraction sites in that region.

Why Self-Catering Apartments are a Better Choice Than Hotels in Peterborough (UK)

Imagine arriving at your hotel room at night, getting in bed, and oversleeping until noon the next day. You will have missed breakfast and lunch won’t have been served yet. To top it off, the housekeeping staff will have skipped your room cleaning. This means you may have to go an extra night with dirty beddings.

On the other hand, staying at a self-catering apartment in Peterborough means you get to sleep for as long as you want without worrying about missing a meal. You are also not bound by hotel meal eating time so you can have your main meals whenever you want. You also won’t be required to vacate your room at a given time of the day to give room to the housekeeping staff.

This gives you the flexibility you need to plan your time, especially if you have children at tow. You can choose to visit parks and other social amenities in Peterborough and always be back in time for supper. Likewise, if everyone else decides to have meals at different times of the day, no one will be inconvenienced.  

1.   Food Menu Variety

Having a self-catering apartment means you will have a wide variety of foods to choose from. If you decide you would like to indulge in local cuisine at a local restaurant, you can do so. If you want to stay in and cook up a storm, you have the freedom, time, and foods to do so. This type of self-catering accommodation is most advantageous to people who have food allergies, vegetarians, and vegans. These groups of people often prefer cooking their foods so that they’d be sure of what is on their plate every time.

2.   Privacy Unmatched

Staying in hotels means you put up a door sign whenever you want maximum privacy. If you are going away for some time and would like proper privacy, consider staying at a self-catering apartment. In hotels, you will have to eventually mingle with people especially when queuing up for buffet meals.

Self-catering accommodations in Peterborough also tend to give you a home-away-from-home vibe. You have ample parking space for your car(s) and have the property for yourself. If you do not want to clean after yourself and cook, you have the option of hiring a cook and a cleaner.

If it’s summer, you can even have an inflatable pool set up outside and others who accompanied you can have a good splash around. I.e. if the serviced apartment you choose doesn’t already have a pool.    

3.   Family-Friendly Accommodation

Children get very exciting by the mere thought of going on a trip. When vacationing with children in Peterborough, finding a place that offers both comfort and space is necessary. That is where self-catering apartments come in handy. Children can play, run around and be as loud as they want without the worry of disturbing other guests.

4.   Budget-friendly Accommodation

It is generally cheaper to stay in a self-catering apartment in Peterborough if you are vacationing in a group than staying at a hotel. You get to have a kitchen that can cook bulk meals at one go, everyone lives under the same roof and shares amenities. This helps to boost bonding.

Food is also cheaper because you can go to local markets, buy everything you need and cook them in the apartment. Hotels will only give you the option of full or half board options and either end up being expensive for a large crowd vacationing together.

5.   Pet Friendly

Not many hotels allow dogs to accompany their owners and those that do will require you to pay extra for the dog. Most self-serviced apartments in Peterborough allow pets, thus making it easy for animal owners to travel with their pets.

Conclusion on Self Catering Apartments

A few years ago, it was unthinkable to rent another person’s self-catering apartment to stay at when on vacation. Hotels were essentially the best thing to have happened to anyone looking to have a good time while on vacation. The development of self-catering apartments has made it possible for large groups of people to plan a vacation at pocket-friendly prices.

Hotels do also, without a doubt, offer comforts that are attractive to many tourists. However, they are rather out of touch when it comes to local culture. Despite the various social amenities they offer, self-catering apartments offer more to travellers. The good news is, self-catering apartments like those found in Peterborough (UK) offer more space, versatility and are perfect for anyone going on either a family or business trip.

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July 28, 2021 1:48 pm

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