4 Advantages of Serviced Accommodation

4 Advantages of Serviced Accommodation

While serviced accommodation in Peterborough may feel like a relatively new trend, they’ve been around for a while and they’re amazing! There are so many advantages of serviced accommodation. In this blog post we look at just five of these advantages. The list is endless – we would much rather you spend time in our serviced accommodation in Peterborough finding out the advantages for yourself, instead of spending hours reading the long list of amazing advantages!

Space, Glorious Space

On average, you will find that serviced accommodation offers around 50% more space than your standard hotel room. Not only will you have more space in your bedroom, you’ll have a separate living and dining area and a kitchen that is well equipped too. Whether you want to relax in front of the TV, enjoy a nice meal, prepare some work for the next day or even have a work out – you’ll have the space you need at our serviced accommodation in Peterborough.

The Kitchen

If you’re staying in Peterborough to enjoy the local attractions or late night theatres, or maybe you are working in the area – then food is important. It’s nice to eat out every now and again. However, sometimes you just want to slob around in your PJs in the morning, or cook up a storm in the kitchen. When you stay in our serviced accommodation this is an option. You can cook in, get food delivered or grab a take away on the way home. You can eat what you want, whenever you want.

No Nasty Bills on Departure

You know check out time at the hotel and you find out that can of coke you enjoyed on arrival was actually £4.50 and the soap you thought was complimentary wasn’t either? That just isn’t the case when you stay in our serviced accommodation in Peterborough. You can use whatever you need to in the rooms and there will be no extra charges for doing so. Even the internet is paid for by us too; no need to buy a card on check-in and have your time limited like in a hotel.

24 Hour Service

You can get hold of us 24 hours a day in the run up to your booking and during your stay in Peterborough. Whether you’re running late to check-in, need a recommendation of somewhere to eat or have any questions – we are always available. Just a phone call away we will happily help you with whatever you need. Our team live in Peterborough too. This means they can make some awesome local recommendations for you whether you’re looking for somewhere to visit, something to eat or the best taxi company in the area.

Want to know more about staying in Peterborough at our serviced accommodation or the advantages of serviced accommodation? Give the team a call or check out our website for more details.            

June 1, 2020 9:30 am

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